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Hi! BB here.

It’s way too hot every day…

Hope everyone’s hanging in there with the heat…




Here are some questions for you to answer about my blog entry from 2018/7/2. (読み返しはこちら

You can write the answers on a piece of paper and hand it in to BB.




OK ! Are you ready?




1, How do you say 「時間/暇を潰す」in English?




2, What information did BB get by checking out one of the trending topics on twitter?




3, What is difficult for BB to do in noisy places?




4, What do many people who develop SD often have?




5, What was BB’s life like when he came down with SD?




6, What happened to BB during the band practice?




7, According to the book that BB recently read, what does our brain do against our mind and body?




8, Ho w do you say, 「疲労」in English?




9, When BB was working in the company, how did he take the somewhat uncomfortable working conditions for him?




10, Find the expression that means “making money” in the blog.




11, Looking back the time before he developed SD, what does BB regret?




12, What should you do to avoid suffering from SD?





Good Luck!