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Hiking in Hanno reported by Rob リーディングに挑戦してみよう!『飯能ハイキング』Robの週末の過ごし方。

Hello everyone! Today I went hiking in Hanno.

It was a lot of fun, and the weather was great too.

I arrived at midday and took a short walk around Hanno station before heading off into the mountains.



It was a pleasant walk to the first hiking area,and as I walked past the central park I was taken aback by a statue of Astro Boy!


What a surprise!


I watched the Astro Boy cartoon when I was growing up in Australia, and he is still hugely popular amongst people of my generation.



Anyways, after admiring the coolness of the statue, I crossed the road and soon entered the mountain path.

It was pretty steep for the first few minutes, and then began to get a little easier about halfway up the mountain.

Even though the path is well traveled, you still need to watch your step, especially when the ground is a little wet.




As I reached the viewing area I said hello to the few people there, and turned around to see a beautiful view from the top of Mt. Tenran.

I was hoping to see my little house in Tanashi, but maybe it’s a little too far away?



A few minutes later, I descended the man-made steps leading down the backside of the mountain.

There were a few paths to take, and I found a sign pointing to the neighboring mountain of Tonosu.

I drank some water, chowed down on a handful of salted nuts and ventured onwards.




This was much harder going than I thought!

I puffed and panted my way through spider webs, bushes and dead wood, then soon arrived at the peak.



What a fantastic scene!



There were some others there also, including a man with his happy little dog.

Everyone seems so friendly in the mountains, it’s really heartwarming for me to receive smiles from other people.

All up I spent close to five hours in the area, and really felt a lot of great feelings as I stumbled around in the wilderness.




Sometimes when I am alone with nature, I feel like a little boy again, just in a grown man’s body.

Maybe for me nature is a necessary piece of the puzzle that is my life.

Next week I will attack the Koma mountains.

Catch me if you can!