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Koma Country リーディングに挑戦してみよう!高麗へ行ったょ!Robの週末の過ごし方Part 2。


Today I went back to Saitama for another hiking session. I decided to go to Koma station, and see what mountain trails I could find. It was a stunning day and surprisingly hot, just perfect for a leisurely walk in the hills.





I wasn’t sure which way to go after I got off the train, so I just walked for a while and tried to get a sense of my surroundings. There was a huge statue of what looked like Buddha near an uphill street, and the statue’s smile suggested I go up to find happiness. I made a mental note and kept walking for another thirty minutes or so. After soaking up some rays I saw a small, dark path leading into what looked like a forest. This trail did not seem popular, but I felt an undeniable pull and decided to enter.






I walked slowly, as there were many spiders hiding between the trees that lined the trail, and even though I hadn’t had lunch yet, I was nowhere near hungry enough to dine on some eight-legged treats. It took about five minutes before I started to feel like I shouldn’t be here, and that feeling was soon proved right as I was suddenly surprised by a wild boar running across my path. Luckily, I was carrying a bell and whistle that was given to me by a thoughtful student, and it seems I may have been saved by the bell! It took all of one second to turn around and make a swift exit back to the road.





After shaking my way back to the main mountain road, I took a break at the base and loaded up on some fuel. There were two different paths to ascend, and I figured I would take the hardest way up for a challenge. Well, let me tell you, it was harder than I thought. I needed three more breaks to catch my breath before I finally reached the summit, and was greeted with an absolutely wonderful view of Koma and its surrounds.





I sat on a stone for a good few minutes and enjoyed the sunshine, just taking some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the short moment of solitude. Then I thought about how much I was going to enjoy my dinner of yakitori and beer, so I raced back to Koma station and went to my friends restaurant in Nishi-tokorozawa ! I love hiking!